Our products

Crepes, Waffles & Pancakes

What's our secret ?

The dough of our crepes and our pancakes is made on the basis of homemade recipes, which makes them irresistible and unforgettable. In the case of waffles, these are made with a mixture of special flours, which makes them tastier and chewier! Both are distinguished by quality and flavor excellence that you won't find anywhere else!

Artisanal ice cream

What's our secret ?

With the same artisanal process since day one, we stand out for our different and innovative flavors. Produced from seasonal fruits and ingredients of natural origin. Without any flavoring, coloring, preservative and / or thickener, guaranteeing the consumer the best possible service.

Smoothies & Milshakes

What's our secret ?

They stand out for their difference, their quality and their originality! Smoothies are made from green apple juice and milkshakes are made from national milk. Both can be combined to your liking with any fruit and / or ice cream flavors available!